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Maggie Pierik

Maggie Pierik

Chief Operations Officer

Maggie oversees the administrative and business operations aspects of our firm. She is both, a visionary, and an integrator with an array of transferable skills.

Prior to joining our team, she practiced medicine serving the underserved population of California in the central and southern areas. She earned a science degree from the University of Western Health Sciences. She is also a licensed hypnotherapist and a certified life coach. 

Under her leadership, our firm focuses on enhancing the efficiency of processes, and designing and implementing business strategies that add value to our clients.  


From Maggie

The soul of PTM financial goes beyond the usual pillars of monetary planning. We aim to help our clients advance towards their long-term financial goals, growth, connection, and transcendence.

Whether it is through our financial planning strategies, concierge services, family strategy meetings, educational courses or each one of our specialty programs we unceasingly strive to add value to every client relationship.

We hope to have the opportunity to do the same for you. 


Maggie Pierik


Maggie’s favorite way to matter is by helping orphans and supporting organizations that care for children worldwide. 

A fun fact about her, she writes books and designs workshops which she has imparted to thousands of women at an international level to raise funds for orphan children. 

Her favorite activities include reading, writing, walking, cooking, traveling, teaching catechism and planning competitive games for the family traditional gatherings.

A quirky detail of hers is that she enjoys simplifying complex ideas.

She resides in San Diego with her husband, James, their children and their loving Saint Bernard, Kobe.